What is Integration (and why do it)?

Integration… why do you need to know about it and what benefits does it provide?  Well, let's start out with a definition from those fine folks at Wikipedia. "…integration involves combining data residing in different sources and providing users with a unified view of these data."

OK, sounds like it could be useful. In terms of your event app, it means securely connecting the schedule, exhibitor, attendee and personal agenda data in your conference database to our Content Management System (CMS). Fine, so what's in it for you?

Well, basically it makes updates a breeze and minimizes costly mistakes! No need to update multiple spreadsheets or more than one CMS to keep your data up to date. Updates in one database are automatically made in the other. Synchronization between your conference database and ours allows for real-time data updates, scheduled data pulls, and username and password authentication through your registration database.

Not only that, your attendees require only one login to access their registration account or their personalized mobile app. Purchased sessions or pre-populated session schedules can also readily be added to an attendees agenda.

Let's not forget the exhibitors. Exhibitor information and category organization can be handled through your current exhibitor management tool. Any updates made will be synchronized with our CMS. No more wasting time duplicating updates, avoiding the inherent risk of mistakes being made.

Great! So integration makes updates easy, saving you both time and money, and… it's a one-time cost for as long as you use your current solution.

Shameless EventKaddy plug to follow:
OK, integration makes a lot of sense. Not surprisingly we at EventKaddy are big fans. We offer integration with data push and data pull of attendee, exhibitor and schedule information safely and, most importantly, securely.

If you'd like to learn more or discuss your requirements we'd love to talk to you. Just call me (Dave) at 1 866-263-7662 or email info@eventkaddy.com.