Analytics and their importance

Analytics. You've heard of it but what does it mean exactly and how does it benefit you?

So what are analytics? According to the Web Analytics Association its the "… the measurement, collection, analysis and reporting of Internet data for the purposes of understanding and optimizing Web usage." OK, a bit stiff, and we're talking about analytics for mobile apps, not the web.

I think of analytics more as collecting, analyzing and reporting the movement of users on a mobile app. Analytics is crucial because if you don't know how many people downloaded and used the app and on which platform it's very hard to assess its effectiveness.

All right, analytics is important but what are you going to learn and how easy is it to understand and use the information to improve the user experience and event objectives?

By tracking the number of downloads, page impressions, time spent on the app and the type of content people are viewing you'll better understand your audience and make informed decisions for your next event. You can also get real-time insight into attendee preferences and interests, allowing on the fly changes to your event.

It also provides critical information for your exhibitors and sponsors. They'll want to see accurate data about the return on their investment. How many leads are they generating? How many times was a sponsors banner ad clicked on? How many impressions were their listings getting?  

Based on the insight gained from analytics, you can adapt your event to give your attendees and exhibitors more of what they want, and gear your marketing efforts to better attract and retain them.

At EventKaddy, we create an analytics document for you after each event. It provides information on the number of downloads, users, which buttons were accessed and how many times, push notification response, and how long the app is being used amongst other metrics.

We also provide complete statistics on any internal surveys, session feedback, account logins and game results. And it's all presented in an easy to digest format with help at hand should you require it.

If you'd like to learn more or discuss your requirements we'd love to talk to you. Just call me (Dave) at 1 866-263-7662 or email